Qingdao Dejili Technology Packaging Co., Ltd (QDP). is a professional manufacturer of many types of plastic bags. Our company grew out of Qingdao SUJILI Plastic Factory which was set up in 1995 and formally established in 2005. We have many years of history in the plastic bags industry. Located in Qingdao, we enjoy convenient water, land and air transportation. 

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Qingdao Dejili Packaging Technology Co.,LTD
ADD: Ronghai 2 Road Qingda Industrial Park, Chengyang District Qingdao   266111
TEL: 0086-532-6776200   0086-532-84713587   
TEL: 0086-13780665900  (7x24h)

Qingdao Dejili Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd.

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